Status: currently busy learning functional programming & working full-time as a software engineer in Sydney.
— Katherine

Seeding Your Phoenix App Database with Random Users

elixir phoenix

Today, I stumbled upon some rant about how people are hating Ruby on Rails and are giving up. I want to avoid such drama, and I am not exactly one of those who stopped using Ruby on Rails. I still use Ruby on Rails, and teach it every week in fact. I teach people with ambition, and it sort of awakened my lazy self to pursue more challenging work. If beginners are already doing challenging work, why am I not doing more of that?

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How to Use Brunch for Sinatra Projects

javascript brunch ruby sinatra

For months, I have been doing more Elixir and Phoenix work. I learned a lot and that's worth writing about later. Currently, Phoenix uses Brunch by default for asset management. In recent days, I needed to update some old Sinatra projects and I found Sprockets is outdated and a bit challenging to work with considering the speed. The Ruby community should probably accept that for most projects Sprockets is more of a problem than a solution. Why?

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2015 In Review

ruby javascript

Unlike those who write lengthy posts about their year, I want to keep this short and relevant. Today, New Year's eve, my uncle died and I am attending his cremation and funeral in about two hours after I write this up. Last year, I spent New Year's eve at Changi Airport, Singapore. I don't know which is worse. I am just glad to be home.

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Why You Should Not Use AngularJS Today

javascript angularjs

In the past, I explored AngularJS and opted not to use it. Ironically, I got a job (short term contract) as a "Senior Software Developer." I help a small but great team maintain a Rails and AngularJS app. My first few days using the framework for real work that pays does not change my mind about it. My opinions are more negative than positive but I like the team that I work with and we're building something interesting and something that will be used by thousands of people. Those are my primary concerns and not the stack. I can always change my mind about the stack. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect framework. Had I built one, it wouldn't have been perfect for someone else either.

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