I’m essentially a Business Administration graduate working in the Software Development industry. Over the years, I gained experience in software development and design. As an open source enthusiast since 2003, I have contributed to various projects and still do.

I love studying Culture, Business, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Design, Yoga, Psychology, Finance, Music and a lot more!

Other Facts:

  1. Voracious reader. I read at least 120 books every year. Most of which are non-fiction.
  2. Nomadic. I have been traveling a lot and live in a different place of interest in my country (The Philippines) or another country.
  3. Multi-racial polyglot. I can speak 4 languages fluently. I understand 6 languages, 2 of which are not native Philippine languages.
  4. Product designer who can build applications. I spend a lot of time creating and improving software. I like to build useful applications, and dig deep into Computer Science to improve the way I build applications.
  5. Introverted and trying to live off-the-grid. In the past, I lived in different Southeast Asian cities and Sydney, Australia.
  6. Trying to be humane, not just human. I believe only the paranoid survive but survival is such a poor goal for a human being.
  7. Because of number 5 fact, I don’t like being asked many questions. But if it’s not about me, I’d probably answer. I am very active on Quora.


B.S Business Administration, Major in Financial Management (2003 - 2007), St. Louis University

Projects and Advocacies

Geekcamp Baguio

I used to co-organize tech events like Rails Girls for Baguio City and Manila.

Open Source Projects

I am an open source enthusiast contributing to a few projects.

On Quora

These answers will give you an insight on who I really am: