2015 In Review

Unlike those who write lengthy posts about their year, I want to keep this short and relevant. Today, New Year’s eve, my uncle died and I am attending his cremation and funeral in about two hours after I write this up. Last year, I spent New Year’s eve at Changi Airport, Singapore. I don’t know which is worse. I am just glad to be home.

This year, I learned more about general management than design and programming. I believe the past few months, I did more professional design work. I used NodeJS more than Ruby on Rails.

It’s been a busy year but next year, I will be busier and more productive. I thank everyone, from recruiters to founders, sending me email but it is unlikely I will be open for full-time work after 7 months due to very important projects.

I haven’t written much but I am active on Quora helping beginners who want to learn Ruby and programming in general. Currently, a most viewed writer for Ruby on Quora.

Like many platforms and social networks, it isn’t perfect and I do not buy all advices of the “gurus.” Many who give advice on Quora are very professional programmers and I am learning a lot from them.

These topics are important for us who skipped years in computer science education or got an education but forgot:

What skills do self-taught programmers commonly lack?

I got my computer science degree 6 years ago and I already forgot nearly everything, how could I brush up?

If you are curious about my answers to some programming questions, you can follow me on Quora.

I like to thank the people who hired me and trusted my abilities. Right now, I am 29 and I haven’t achieved 20% of my professional goals. I got somewhere and met people, but achievements dwindle compared to what I want and it is somewhat frustrating for me.

I like to thank the people who work for me to achieve important goals. I will most certainly find a way to help the best people and make sure they get jobs in my city.

Let go and take charge. Happy New Year!