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What You Should Know Before You Upgrade Your Rails 3 App To Rails 3.1 Beta

rails ruby

There were many issues. But they aren't much compared to the benefits you'd get from using the latest version. Rails 3.1 takes away a lot of pain. Instead of using asset packager, having sprockets makes it so much easier to deploy an optimized application. Not all frameworks have this. In fact it hasn't been a practice of certain developers to make sure that a single file is loaded for javascript in production and a single is loaded for stylesheet in production. Reversible migrations is another cool thing. Also read that there is no need to add ":multipart=>true" on a form if you use the file field.

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How to fix MySQL load issues on OS X

mysql mac

This is only for those who encounter the same issues. Sometimes we're not so lucky with mysql and I worked with an Australian developer who said he never got mysql installation right the first time regardless of whether he was using a Mac or Windows. I never had the same problems before until now. I am using OS X 10.6.6 and MySQL 5.5. I now feel his pain. Why is it so effin' difficult to get it "working"?

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SCSS Mixins

scss rails

For Ruby projects (Rails or Sinatra), I've used HAML without SASS until they introduced SCSS. I did use SASS for a re-write project in 2009. But I felt that the syntax is strange and somehow I don't mind the braces. It's also easier to just copy CSS code onto a SCSS file. Of course some would say that I could just find and replace those braces, but ultimately it's a matter of choice. I love those braces so I use SCSS. :)

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